Friday, 6 January 2012

First Post…

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog “Style Stitcher”. This is where I am to document all my thoughts and ideas, and track my progress in the world of sewing, knitting, and fashion!
I started sewing about a year ago, and have been lurking on the blogosphere ever since, vowing that one day I would take the plunge and start writing my own. I love the inspiration I’ve gained from other people’s blogs and many of the patterns and designs I’ve chosen have been taken from seeing other bloggers makes. For example, the first blog I stumbled across was Karen’s “Did you make that?”, and Simplicity 2599 has since become a firm favourite!
I was initially drawn to sewing by my love for fashion, and my lack of cash. I stumbled across the Burda Style website and never looked back. My initial interest was in starting my own clothes range, and while this is still a possibility, I now love the idea of creating my own patterns based on current fashion trends and pieces, as some of the current available patterns are so dull!
I hope this blog will work as a 2-way process, lord knows I still need lots of help and ideas with this venture!
Coming soon: In true New Year’s tradition I need to take stock of the projects I’m currently working on, take account of my ever increasing stash and start to make some real plans for 2012!
Thanks for reading,
Nat X

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Rhonda said...

Hi Nat, congrats on being brave a starting a blog and posting your first post! look forward to reading more about your sewing/pattern-making adventures (although i tried adding you to my rss feed but there was some error and wouldn't do it... not sure if the problem is my end or yours?). Anyway, i wish you lots of success with your blog :)