Sunday, 15 January 2012

12 in 2012

So its taken me a few days but I think I've finally figured out my "12 for 2012". I enjoyed the process as it really made me step back from my sewing and look at a) what I enjoy sewing, and b) what I need to sew but keep putting off... It's all about balance!

I decided to do 2 lists, one for dressmaking, and one for other craftsy things. Theres so much I want to sew, but I've also just learnt to knit, and want to learn so many other skills this year that I felt they deserved a list too!!

12 Dressmaking Projects for 2012

1. Salme Patterns T-Shirt
2. Simplicity 2863 Long Sleeve Dress
3. Lisette 2245 Dress
4. Burda Kasia Skirt
5. Burda Sleeveless Blouse
6. Jacket/Blazer
7. Colette Rooibos
8. Megan Nielsen Shirt Dress
9. Sequin Miniskirt
10. Vogue 8771
11. Something for the boyfriend
12. Something from Victory Patterns!!

12 Crafty Projects for 2012

1. DROPS Lin Jacket
2. Cocoon
3. Simple Sweater
4. Peter Pan collar
5. Make an item of jewelry
6. Lighter Spring/Summer cardigan. 
7.  Draft a pattern
8. Learn to crochet
9. Make a croquis
10. Stitch a self-made cross stitch pattern
11. Knit a headband to keep my ears warm when I'm running
12. Knit a Christmas Jumper!

I've already made a muslin for the Salme Patterns T-Shirt, Lisette 2245, and part way through knitting the Lin jacket, so its a good start! 

I've also made an extra effort to include to smaller pattern companies into my sewing this year. Last year I stuck rigidly to the Big 4 companies, so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone this year. 

I kinda like having a list to tick off throughout the year, as sometimes I feel like I sew and sew and sew and end up with very few finished items! Can't wait to have 24 new self-made items for the end of the year! No doubt the odd new pattern will creep in before the list is complete, but that's all part of the fun. 

I can't wait to to see everyone elses lists come to life, so thanks to Suzie for this great idea!

Nat X 

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