Sunday, 15 January 2012

12 in 2012

So its taken me a few days but I think I've finally figured out my "12 for 2012". I enjoyed the process as it really made me step back from my sewing and look at a) what I enjoy sewing, and b) what I need to sew but keep putting off... It's all about balance!

I decided to do 2 lists, one for dressmaking, and one for other craftsy things. Theres so much I want to sew, but I've also just learnt to knit, and want to learn so many other skills this year that I felt they deserved a list too!!

12 Dressmaking Projects for 2012

1. Salme Patterns T-Shirt
2. Simplicity 2863 Long Sleeve Dress
3. Lisette 2245 Dress
4. Burda Kasia Skirt
5. Burda Sleeveless Blouse
6. Jacket/Blazer
7. Colette Rooibos
8. Megan Nielsen Shirt Dress
9. Sequin Miniskirt
10. Vogue 8771
11. Something for the boyfriend
12. Something from Victory Patterns!!

12 Crafty Projects for 2012

1. DROPS Lin Jacket
2. Cocoon
3. Simple Sweater
4. Peter Pan collar
5. Make an item of jewelry
6. Lighter Spring/Summer cardigan. 
7.  Draft a pattern
8. Learn to crochet
9. Make a croquis
10. Stitch a self-made cross stitch pattern
11. Knit a headband to keep my ears warm when I'm running
12. Knit a Christmas Jumper!

I've already made a muslin for the Salme Patterns T-Shirt, Lisette 2245, and part way through knitting the Lin jacket, so its a good start! 

I've also made an extra effort to include to smaller pattern companies into my sewing this year. Last year I stuck rigidly to the Big 4 companies, so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone this year. 

I kinda like having a list to tick off throughout the year, as sometimes I feel like I sew and sew and sew and end up with very few finished items! Can't wait to have 24 new self-made items for the end of the year! No doubt the odd new pattern will creep in before the list is complete, but that's all part of the fun. 

I can't wait to to see everyone elses lists come to life, so thanks to Suzie for this great idea!

Nat X 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Getting Organised

Hi everyone!

I’m off work today and have used my free time to finally sort out my sewing space. On November 12th 2011 my boyfriend and I moved from a 2 bed flat into a 3 bed house, which could only mean one thing… SEWING ROOM! My landlady and her husband used the room as an office and ever so kindly left us with a huuuuge desk = fabric cutting space!

It’s taken me the best part of 2 months to finally sort the room out so it can actually be used as a space and not just a dumping ground, so I am pleased to reveal the before and after pictures:

I’m so glad I finally have this sorted, in my old flat I used my dining table and every time we needed to use it I had to clear all my “sewing sh*t” away.

I also managed to fill up the lovely sewing box Kev bought me for xmas:

This little gem is from Oxfam – not donated but part of a range of craft items they now stock, including button boxes, needle cases, and some embroidery kits. I spotted this one day and spent about 10 minutes just holding it going “ooh… ahh” before putting it down and telling myself I could buy it after xmas, but the lovely boyf swooped in first :-)

One of the good things about a good spring clean means you come across things you thought you had lost or simply forgot you had. I learnt how to cross stitch from my mum, who then gave me her sewing tin with all her threads and patterns. I found some of her projects, some of which are completed and some which just need tidying up and framing, how gorgeous are these!

Over the next couple of days I’m going to take stock of my sewing stash and come up with my “12 for 2012” as seen on Suzie’s blog!

Ta ta for now
Nat X 

Friday, 6 January 2012

First Post…

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog “Style Stitcher”. This is where I am to document all my thoughts and ideas, and track my progress in the world of sewing, knitting, and fashion!
I started sewing about a year ago, and have been lurking on the blogosphere ever since, vowing that one day I would take the plunge and start writing my own. I love the inspiration I’ve gained from other people’s blogs and many of the patterns and designs I’ve chosen have been taken from seeing other bloggers makes. For example, the first blog I stumbled across was Karen’s “Did you make that?”, and Simplicity 2599 has since become a firm favourite!
I was initially drawn to sewing by my love for fashion, and my lack of cash. I stumbled across the Burda Style website and never looked back. My initial interest was in starting my own clothes range, and while this is still a possibility, I now love the idea of creating my own patterns based on current fashion trends and pieces, as some of the current available patterns are so dull!
I hope this blog will work as a 2-way process, lord knows I still need lots of help and ideas with this venture!
Coming soon: In true New Year’s tradition I need to take stock of the projects I’m currently working on, take account of my ever increasing stash and start to make some real plans for 2012!
Thanks for reading,
Nat X